On Budget & Ahead of Schedule

I approached Custom Truck One Source to design and build specialty trucks at our customer’s request. At our very first design meeting I was impressed with the team that would be working on the project. Not only did they have the experience and technology, but they also had an energy and interest that was above expectations. From custom schematics to updated pictures along the way, I knew I was working with a very professional group. I particularly enjoyed working hand in hand with the shop as the trucks progressed. The trucks were completed on budget and ahead of schedule. That is a win-win in my book.

Scott Shank

Imperative to get us where we are today

I would certainly like to express our appreciation for all the time and effort that you personally put in to help educate and in-service our new AEP construction crews with the use of your company’s Condux stringing equipment in the early stages of AEP’s construction operations. We (AEP) had just started 14 new construction crews with a lot of newly hired line mechanics with little to no experience with pulling significant lengths of conductor or in some cases any conductor on our projects. This all happened in what we call the AEP East Construction Operations and happened during the time frame that we had first gotten to know each other and you introduced and personally coached our people with the use of your company’s Condux line of stringing equipment and for that we thank you again. This was the beginning of where we at AEP are today as what I would call a serious entity in the construction side of the utility industry and has certainly helped in the process of getting our folks familiar with basic to advanced wire stringing operations on our transmission line construction projects that are ongoing all over the eastern side of the country.

Our high level of attention to safety and productive safe work processes that we currently possess with my crews and those who followed in behind them particularly in the conductor stringing applications are a reflection of what you were able to achieve by taking the time to come to our work sights and share the knowledge you have of your company’s conductor stringing equipment and your years of experience in the wire stringing scenario. This field teaching and mentoring of our newly hired construction workforce was imperative to get to the point we are today.

Once again we thank you and will be looking to you in the future for any needed equipment and or advice or information you can provide to make our stringing operations go smoothly.

Don Rogers, Trans Line Crew Supervisor

Helped Me Get My Business Off the Ground

Custom Truck One Source helped me get my business off the ground. They treat you like family and are so easy to work with and very understanding. When you call, they know you by name and will get you fixed up with whatever it is you need or help you navigate the best options they can offer you.

Nick Montroy, Owner