Honest, Reliable Service

I have been in the drywall supply business since 1980. During the 37 plus years I have been in this business, someone with the last name of Stanonis has been responsible for the maintenance of my trucks. Whether the name was On-Site, Total Truck, A&L, or ERS, the common thread was a Stanonis. In the 80s and 90s I worked with Larry, and as we entered the year 2000, Anthony became the face of the business.

What has been consistent the entire time was honest, reliable service. Larry and Anthony have always known my trucks better than I did. They were a set of trusted eyes and ears when it came to managing my fleet and helping me understand who was driving my trucks. Over the years there were times I would convince myself that being a prudent business person dictates I give a chance to someone else. The two or three times I attempted that always reinforced I was with the right people. I haven’t found anyone else as qualified that I could trust, so I’ve stopped looking.

To those that would say it is foolish to rely on just one vendor in this competitive world we work in, I will suggest they haven’t worked with Larry and Anthony. My only concern is my competitors have discovered how talented they are, and I am forced to share their service. The good news is they have added a new partner, John Thornton, and now I can not only get my trucks repaired by someone I trust, I can buy trucks from someone I trust.

I don’t know if you’re buying, selling, or looking to get a truck repaired. It doesn’t matter, you can stop looking. You’ve found the right place.

Bill Lindsay, Asst Regional Manager - Florida West Coast

Vital Resource for Filling Equipment Needs

Jeff and the team at Custom Truck are incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of pulling and tensioning. They are a vital resource for filling equipment needs, answering questions, and providing effective solutions to our most challenging wire stringing projects. Jeff and his team will make you feel like their most important customer, and I trust them completely to help us complete our projects on time.

Camille Armocida, Assistant Fleet Manager

Expect to Increase our Reliance on CTOS

Foundation Building Materials – Korbin Builders Supply has utilized the services of Custom Truck One Source since its inception. Anthony has always exemplified integrity, honesty, and the passion to be the very best equipment and service provider in the business. He has been successful by incorporating those traits into the day to day operations of CTOS. We value the business partnership we have had with Anthony over the past 21 years which is why CTOS is our leading equipment maintenance and repair vendor in the state of Florida. Our business cannot function without properly maintained equipment. CTOS continues to provide quality work at a fair price and we expect to increase our reliance on CTOS for our needs as Foundation Building Materials grows and expands and as CTOS grows and expands.

Brendan D. Nair, Operations Manager – Florida

Quality & Durable Equipment

I have always trusted Custom Truck One Source with my custom builds and rentals of track equipment. They provide quality and durable equipment that keep my men working out in the field!

Ken Blakeney, Owner