After a storm, it’s critical to recover as soon as possible to restore your operations and reduce downtime. Custom Truck One Source has the equipment you need to help you prepare and recover from a storm, including roofing conveyors, trailers, water trucks, and more. Using the right trucks in your storm recovery fleet can help you recover faster and reduce potential damage. 

Predicting Summer and Fall Severe Weather 

Weather prediction technology has improved dramatically since its inception, and the National Weather Service can use this technology to help predict severe weather. However, storms can still develop quickly and unexpectedly, so without a plan to mitigate damage to your property and equipment, you might find yourself scrambling to prepare for incoming weather. 

For most of the country, severe thunderstorms — which can also bring the threat of high winds, tornadoes, hail, and heavy rain — occur during the spring. In the South, though, a second severe storm season runs from the start of November to mid-December.  

Severe storms can occur during the summer as well, especially in the afternoons when temperatures and humidity are high. Hurricane season also starts in June and runs through November. 

Being ready for a storm during the summer and fall can help you save valuable assets essential to your operations. Different ways you can prepare for severe weather include: 

  • Staying informed with weather forecasts and keeping supplies on hand to manage severe weather disasters, such as sandbags to prevent flooding. 
  • Creating a safety plan for team members, including evacuation procedures and emergency contact information.  
  • Pacing or stopping your operations during a severe storm to protect your employees and assets. 
  • Minimizing physical damage by taking note of your equipment and structures and researching how to protect them. 
  • Keeping your important documents backed up in the cloud or protected when a storm is incoming. 

How You Can Use Our Equipment After a Storm 

Storms are inevitable, and you will likely have to manage a clean-up operation after a storm. Custom Truck One Source offers a wide range of equipment to help with your storm clean-up operations, including: 

  • Roofing conveyors: These trucks come equipped with a rotating conveyor capable of rotating 360 degrees, making them easier to set up and reposition. You can use these trucks to deliver materials to roofs for repairs after a storm, allowing you to complete tasks while reducing the risk of injury. You can buy new or used roofing conveyors from Custom Truck One Source, or you can choose to rent from us if you only need the truck after sudden or unexpected severe weather damage. 
  • Digger derricks: These trucks are often used to service or repair utilities after a storm, which is critical to restoring essential infrastructure to your business or customers. Digger derricks are used to dig, lift, or set materials, such as utility poles. If you used a tracked digger derrick, you could easily maneuver through the aftermath of a storm, even if there are cases of flooding, making it easier to reach critical infrastructure and get your operations running sooner after severe weather.  
  • Trailers: You’ll need trailers for storm clean-up operations since these truck attachments help carry materials from one site to the next. You may need to haul equipment to the clean-up location or haul debris and other materials away. We have numerous trailer types available to help you find the right one for the job. 
  • Vacuum trucks: Vacuum trucks can help with excavation tasks and are more efficient than traditional methods. These trucks use a vacuum system to loosen and remove soil, helping reduce labor needs and environmental damage. You can also use these trucks to clean sewer systems after a storm, removing debris and other contaminants. 
  • Water trucks: These trucks allow you to carry water from one site to another. Water trucks are used during and after storms to deliver water to communities whose water supply was affected by severe weather. You can choose from our various water trucks with different gallon capacities for your storm clean-up operations.  


Contact Load King for Your Storm Recovery Needs 

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