The construction industry uses many different building materials to complete their projects, such as wood, concrete, brick, and plastic. While these materials are used to create high-quality structures, some of these materials can be susceptible to heat. 

Some locations in the United States can reach temperatures well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the middle of the summer. When some building materials are exposed to persistent hot temperatures, they can become damaged, affecting your final product. Understanding what materials can be affected by heat and how they react can help you better prepare and ensure you choose the right components and construction equipment for your projects. 

How Heat Affects Building Materials 

When construction materials are exposed to heat, especially when the temperatures soar outside, they can expand, warp or lose moisture. As the building materials absorb heat, the molecules that make up the structure react by vibrating. The faster these molecules vibrate, the more the building material will be affected, altering your final product’s quality and structural integrity.  

Some of the most common building materials affected by heat include: 

  • Timber: If you’re using a large amount of timber, it’s critical to consider the heat in the environment. If timber loses enough moisture, it can shrink, either growing shorter or thinner. While this may not be a problem in all builds, it’s essential to consider if you’re creating a timber frame. However, homes built in humid environments with a lot of rainfall may not need to worry about shrinkage as much. 
  • Vinyl and plastic: Vinyl and plastic are among the most likely building materials to experience effects in the heat. Hot temperatures cause plastic and vinyl to break down, creating a weaker material. Extreme heat can even cause these materials to melt, though this isn’t as common. 
  • Insulation: Many insulation products are made from plastic, so they’ll naturally wear down over time, but they can degrade even sooner when exposed to heat. This includes any insulation, even the kind in your attic, and the type used to insulate your windows. Eventually, these insulation products will need to be replaced — potentially sooner if the temperatures in your region are higher. 

While these common building materials can be susceptible to heat, some materials are better than others when dealing with heat. Some materials you should consider using instead when preventing heat damage include: 

  • Wood 
  • Concrete 
  • Stone 
  • Cement 
  • Bricks 

The right building materials are critical to prevent heat damage and premature wear. While some materials may be unavoidable, such as insulation, others can be replaced to reduce heat damage. 

How Equipment From Custom Truck One Source Can Help 

Regardless of your building material, you’ll need reliable equipment to help you achieve your project goals. Custom Truck One Source has plenty of equipment options to help you with your construction operations.  

We offer building supply equipment, ranging from boom trucks and roofing conveyors. You can find the best equipment to help you haul materials to your construction site or perform construction and maintenance tasks more efficiently and safely. We also offer various services with our building supply equipment, including aftermarket parts, financing solutions, customization, and asset disposal. 

We also offer vocational and truck-mounted construction equipment, from diggers and dozers to dump trucks and excavators, to meet all your needs. Our construction equipment can help you boost productivity and revenue on all your projects, helping you complete tasks with accuracy and efficiency.  

At Custom Truck One Source, we stock a vast selection of on-hand equipment from different brands, including National Crane, Manitou, GEHL, Load King, and more. We can help you find superior equipment at a price you can afford at the moment you need it for your projects. Our clients also have access to financing solutions to help make the equipment buying process easier while staying within budget. 


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