If you’re among the 11.4 million Americans working in the construction industry, you’re always looking for better equipment. If you’re looking to add a heavy-duty trailer to your fleet, a side dump trailer could be the reliable answer to what you’re looking for. In your business, you have to look at the volume of material placed, cycle time, safety, and the best investment of your hard-earned dollar.

Read on to learn if a side dump trailer is right for you! 

Evaluate Your Needs 

Do you work at a site where you transport a lot of materials? Or are you transporting a lot of heavier demolition debris? How you answer these questions may impact the type of trailer you need. 

Side dump trailers can deposit materials using hydraulics to tilt the trailer to the right or left. This differs from end dump trailers, which lift the trailer to deposit cargo behind the vehicle. 

Generally, side dump trailers are ideal if you’re working on excavation projects or creating roadways. They’re also an excellent choice if you need to unload materials quickly. If you’re using a tractor for a lowboy now, you may be ready for a side dump.  

Gain Better Stability and Durability 

When it comes to the different types of dump trailers, the Load King Side Dump Trailer is the most stable. This is particularly helpful if you’re working in a zone with  soft terrain where you don’t want to risk tipping.

One of the key advantages of a Load King side dump trailer is its lower center of gravity than comparable brands. This design makes the trailer safer to drive and dump. Side dump trailers are known for their sturdy design, which features a longer trailer that sits lower to the ground.  The low center of gravity can contribute to a better dump angle, as well. Further, you won’t experience as much rocking or lateral movement when dumping materials. 

If you’re investigating a side dump trailer for sale, keep in mind that they are equipped to handle dumping liquids, too. Users can trust that these trailers won’t leak, as may be the case when using other types of dump trailers. 

Weighing the Options of a Side Dump Trailer 

While the Load King side dumps trailers offer durability and stability, it is important to consider the product you haul the most for volume and for weight. Looking at wet sand, gravel, river rock, mulch, or construction demolition debris the weights can vary a great deal. Load King Side Dumps come in many axle configurations such as tandem, triple, spread triple, quad, helper dollies, and steerable drop axles.  Load King can offer custom trailer train configurations to meet any need.  

Consider whether you value the speed of dumping, cubic capacity, or maneuverability the most.  Side dump trailers do have the advantage of being able to offer custom trailer lengths. If you have a big project, you may want to consider a side dump trailer rental or lease to try out this type of trailer’s features and all its benefits. 

Consider a Side Dump Trailer 

A side dump trailer offers better stability and efficiency than traditional end dump trailers or large dump trucks. In addition, users will appreciate the durability, minimal maintenance, and ease of use of these trailers. They’re the perfect choice for construction sites that require high-volume material placement.    

Load King is proud to offer our Side Dump line to help our customers improve their bottom line. When you’re ready to find the right equipment for the job, contact us or call your local branch at us at (833) 696-2589.