Storm cleanup equipment is crucial following inclement weather events. Special construction vehicles offer unique features necessary for removing debris, suctioning contaminated water, repairing roofs, and replacing utility poles. Adding essential storm cleanup trucks to your fleet prepares you for natural disasters and potential storm damage. 

Storm Aftermath and Cleanup 

When storms wreak havoc on an area, elements such as heavy rain, hail, strong winds, and lightning can leave behind significant damage. Hail pellets can damage roof shingles, pipes, and vents, causing structural damage. Lightning strikes can ignite fires, and flash flooding and high winds can disperse debris. Heavy flood waters and tidal surges can also wash away roads and sections of highways. 

Important Trucks for Storm Cleanup 

Storm cleanup requires specific trucks and equipment to restore structures, roadways, and surrounding land following damage. If you provide storm cleanup services, consider adding the following trucks to your fleet: 

Roofing Conveyors 

Roofing conveyors are trucks mounted with rotating conveyors. Their 360-degree rotation allows for smooth operation, easy stowing, and quick setup and repositioning. A roofing conveyor truck delivers supplies from trucks to roofs via a conveyor belt, helping workers complete tasks with lowered injury risk. Load King offers roofing conveyors for rent and a wide selection of new and used roofing conveyors for purchase. 

Digger Derricks 

Digger derricks are important when servicing utilities after a storm, as they enable you to dig holes and lift and set utility poles. A digger derrick is essential to restoring power when a storm affects electrical poles. Digger derricks on tracks can quickly move through flooded areas, allowing workers to reach job sites efficiently. You can rent digger derricks from Custom Truck for your next storm cleanup job. 


Trailers assist during storm cleanup by hauling essential equipment to and from work sites. Dump trailers are also important for transporting materials away from sites when a storm leaves behind significant debris. You can browse various durable trailers from Load King to find the right one for your next job. 

Vacuum Trucks 

Vacuum excavation is a more efficient alternative to traditional excavation methods. As a non-destructive option, vacuum trucks loosen soil and dig holes with high-pressure water and suction the wet material into the truck’s tank. The truck then transports the suctioned material and deposits it in a designated dump location. You can complete more precise excavation work using a vacuum truck, reducing your manual labor and environmental impact.  

Vacuum trucks are crucial for storm cleanup because they can clear sewer systems and areas of harmful debris and contaminated liquids. Heavy flooding and tidal surges can allow pollutants and debris to contaminate water, and clearing this contaminated water from affected areas is crucial for public health and safety. Custom Truck One Source offers high-quality vacuum trucks to help crews clean communities when flooding occurs. 

Bucket Trucks 

Bucket trucks are utility vehicles with hydraulic booms or poles and buckets. A bucket truck’s boom and bucket carry and lift workers so they can complete tasks comfortably. Whether you need to perform utility, construction, or telecommunication work following a storm, a bucket truck can lift you or your workers to hard-to-reach areas. Custom Truck offers the industry’s top brands and can help you choose the right bucket truck for your storm cleanup needs. 

Water Trucks 

Crews can use water trucks to clean sidewalks, flush streets, and control dust on construction sites when completing repair work. These vehicles transport water in varying capacities and have attached spray nozzles for easy dispersion. Following storms, water trucks are also crucial because they provide safe drinking water for affected communities.

Boom Trucks 

Boom trucks are equipped with cranes that can lift and move heavy loads on job sites. Crews can use boom trucks to move heavy objects and materials when completing repairs or construction work. Load King offers a  selection of boom trucks with various weight capacities and reaches capabilities. 

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