Forestry Trends — Crossover Cranes 

Working on and around tall trees presents many challenges for businesses in the forestry industry. Companies looking for a more effective way to perform tree removal face challenges with heavier weight & increased radius. Many in the forestry trade see the benefit of focusing on their applications & crossover cranes offer an excellent way to handle these challenges. 

Overview of the Crossover Cranes 

Crossover Cranes are truck cranes mounted on a commercial chassis and are designed for unique purposes. These vehicles blend the mobility of a boom truck with the power of a truck crane.  

Boom trucks are designed for precise lifting but have limitations. Since a Crossover Crane is a truck crane on a commercial chassis, they are stronger than a boom truck with the same tonnage rating; giving the operator the best of both worlds. Crossovers also stack up very well against the same tonnage machines in the truck crane arena. 

Forestry crews can use a crossover crane to lift heavier loads at a further radius than standard boom trucks while still maintaining mobility to easily travel from job site to job site.  

Capabilities of a Crossover Crane 

Crossovers are versatile machines that offer numerous capabilities and can be driven to the job site in a more efficient manner than a similar tonnage truck crane.  

How Crossover Cranes Can Help Forestry Operations 

Crossovers are seen across other industries, but their features offer unique advantages in forestry applications as well. 

Crossover cranes improve forestry operations by offering safer crews to:  

  • Complete jobs faster: Maximize uptime with a smooth transition into work immediately with quick set-up time. 
  • Increase fleet capabilities: Access a versatile vehicle that opens your company to various jobs.    
  • Reduce project expenses: Enhance your fleet’s cost-efficiency with a vehicle capable of tackling various jobs and increase productivity, 
  • Prevent accidents: Feel confident in the vehicle’s strength and stability combined with an “operator-friendly” LMI (Load Moment Indicator) & crane controls for smooth, efficient, and safe operations.

Find the Right Equipment at Custom Truck 

Custom Truck One Source is a leading provider of forestry equipment. We connect customers with a wide range of vehicles and tools, including crane crossovers.  

Load King Crossover Cranes range from 50T-80T and offer wireless anti-two block vs the LMI/anti-two block wire on the side of the boom. 

You can add the Load King 50-155 and 60-110 to your fleet by purchasing through Load King. We operate 30-plus locations around North America to streamline sourcing equipment like this Load King crossover. Either pick the truck up from your nearest location or have us deliver it for your convenience. 

For more on the value a boom truck crane crossover can add to your fleet or to request a quote, contact Load King today.