In 2021, mining in the United States took a jump over the previous year and produced just over 90 billion dollars in non-fuel mineral assets. That’s a hefty sum and shows the industry’s recovery from the pandemic drop-off. But with all this mining comes the need for a variety of equipment, and many mines are struggling to keep their aging fleets operational.

That’s where service trucks come in! People often think of enormous heavy machinery when they think of mining equipment, service trucks are also a vital part of the process. Read on to learn all about how these trucks help keep mining operations in business!

What Equipment Can Service Trucks Help?

Mines have entire fleets of equipment that serve a variety of purposes. Although they don’t mine, service trucks can help keep these vehicles up and running. This is crucial for keeping mining operations in business.

Large haul trucks, hydraulic shovels, and big drills are some of the more common machines you’ll see in mines. These machines see a lot of wear and tear from the stresses of mine work, and will need regular maintenance and repair from service trucks.

There are also graders and dozers to help keep the area clear and create a working surface. This working surface is important for machines like crushers, feeders, and other equipment. All of these machines have moving parts and components that need the aid of service trucks to operate properly.

Common Mining Operation Services and Repairs

Some service trucks do preventative work by hauling fuel, lube, and other supplies for large equipment. This helps ensure as little equipment downtime as possible, keeping things running without the need to leave the mine or stop for repairs.

Besides prevention, many service trucks haul equipment and tools for fixing machinery. Many things can break down in a mine, so these trucks carry a versatile range of equipment for repairs.

Belt drives and hydraulic power systems are some of the most common equipment that breaks. When these go down, a machine is pretty much dead in the water. Service trucks carry compressors, pneumatic guns, and full toolsets to help them fix these types of issues.

Cracks and other breaks are also common in mining equipment, especially mining trucks. Ultrasonic testing equipment and welders are invaluable tools for these stress-induced fractures. A service truck, that carries these tools, can identify the issues before they get larger and take steps to fix them.

Brake and suspension systems, also, frequently suffer. Replacing and maintaining the brakes and other systems is a common job for service trucks. This helps ensure their continuing operation without things deteriorating further.

How Are Service Trucks Built to Handle Mining Operations?

Many service trucks are custom-built for mining operations. While ordinary vehicles can be repurposed for mines, they often don’t hold up as well in the harsh conditions.

For example, the trucks and tools all need to run on diesel if they’re going to operate inside the mine itself. Although diesel still creates many harmful gasses that can be a challenge to filter and work with, it produces far less CO than gasoline engines.

Service trucks also need to be specially built if they’re going to handle the stresses of mine work. Things like enclosed brake systems, sturdier axles, and better shocks all help keep your service trucks functioning properly.

Get Service Trucks Today!

Whether you need another truck to cross off your gold mining equipment list or you want to make sure your fleet is taken care of, service trucks are a vital part of any mining operation.

So if you’d like to learn more about what kind of trucks are available, or you’d like to order some for your fleet, contact us! We’re always happy to work with you to custom-build your trucks and give you the best equipment you can get.