Load King PL-180 with Construction Equipment top 100 new products logo

Kansas City, Missouri, November 15, 2021  Since 1991, Construction Equipment Magazine’s Top 100 New Products list has been the longestrunning, and most respected award program of its industry. Each year, CE Magazine editors evaluate products that demonstrate innovation, productivity, efficiency, and safety. The PL180 is Load King’s fourth product to be featured in a CE Magazine Top 100 list.

The PL180 is specifically designed to meet the needs of utility customers. The PL180 (Personnel Lift) is Load King’s first machine designed specifically to the A92.2 standard. The PL180 represents an advancement in this class of aerial device with several features new to the industry. The main boom is 155 feet full power and mechanically synchronized, providing 165 feet of tip height. The included NONINSULATED luffing jib and steel yokestyle basket provide 180 feet of working height. The luffing jib provides motion from zero to negative 80 degrees (relative to the boom). The remote controls operate all crane functions, including the luffing jib. For even higher reach, the basket may be installed on the twopiece (lattice and stinger) jib for a working height of 220 feet.

Another industry first is our inclusion of a dieselpowered Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) as standard equipment on every PL180. In the event the engine of the truck is not working or a PTO shaft breaks in the field, all crane functions can be operated at a reduced rate using the APU to bring the crane to a stowed position. When a user is ready to decommission the aerial device, Load King offers a oneway conversion kit allowing customers to use the machine as a B30.5 lifting device. A92.2 standards would no longer apply.

Load King premiered the PL180 at the Utility Expo, held September 2830 in Louisville, Kentucky. “The PL180 was received with a lot of excitement from our core customers attending the show”, said John Lukow, Senior Vice President of Load King Cranes. “We are very pleased with the feedback we received, reinforcing that we are moving in a direction that aligns with our customer needs.”

“I am very pleased to receive this award from Construction Equipment Magazine”, said Fred Ross, CEO of Custom Truck One Source. “We’re proud of the work we’ve done, reviving the Stinger Crane line and seeing our efforts recognized by the industry is great validation of that work.”

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