Load King LK-31-NE telecom van

Louisville, Kentucky, September 29, 2021 – Load King, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Custom Truck One Source, today announced the launch of five new products at the Utility Expo in Louisville, Kentucky.

“As milestones go, 2021 has been significant for most companies, and Load King is no different,” said Fred Ross, CEO. “This year marks the 65th anniversary of the company and a very proud reflection on the fact that Load King has been producing first-class trailers and other heavy equipment since the 1950s.”

“Manufacturing is an ever-evolving field, constantly mixing new ideas and innovations with old-school know-how to create exciting opportunities for today’s clients. Rest assured, Load King has the history and the foresight to open the door for genuinely innovative offerings to take our company and our clients into the next 65 years, beginning with the five new product offerings announced today.”

Load King’s five new products are:


The LK-31-NE Telecom Van is a non-insulated aerial device and is the first in the U.S. to offer 36-feet of working height on a Ford Transit Van. Built for maximum functionality and safety, the LK-31-NE unit boasts an aluminum inner-boom and fixed fly-jib, providing increased payload capacity while putting less wear and tear on the van. Operators can access full feathering features at the bucket, allowing for easy and safe operation. The LK-31-NE additionally offers lower tether-mount controls for all boom functions.

Load King PL180

Load King is truly excited to announce a machine specifically designed to meet the needs of our utility customers.  The PL180 (Personnel Lift) is Load King’s first machine designed specifically to the A92.2 standard.  The PL180 represents an advancement in this class of aerial device with several features new to the industry. The main boom is 155 feet full power and mechanically synchronized, providing 165 feet of tip height. The included NON-INSULATED luffing jib and steel yoke-style basket provide 180 feet of working height. The luffing jib provides motion from zero to negative 80 degrees (relative to the boom). The remote controls operate all crane functions, including the luffing jib. For even higher reach, the basket may be installed on the two-piece (lattice and stinger) jib for a working height of 220 feet. When you are ready to decommission your aerial device, Load King offers a one-way conversion kit allowing you to use the machine as a B30.5 lifting device.  A92.2 standards would no longer apply.

Stinger 50-155

This model family completes the suite of crossovers along with the 80-160 and 60-150. This machine is rated at 50-tons at 10 feet and has Load King’s signature formed “double-keel” boom with five synchronized sections reaching 165 feet at the tip. The crane comes with a 48-foot two-piece (lattice and stinger) jib for a maximum tip height of 214 feet and offsets to 15 and 30 degrees. The X-style outriggers bring unmatched stability to the crane by tying them directly to our center structure. The winch controls are at the front bumper to allow an operator to set up alone. Outrigger controls are at ground-level on each side and in the cab. The deluxe cab comes with a fully adjustable heated seat, optional air conditioning, tilting tinted glass skylight, and a removable front windshield. The crossover line shares Load King’s intuitive touch-screen crane control system, which allows the operator to customize the crane’s operation on the fly based on the situation.

Stinger 40-127 RS

The new Stinger 40-127RS (Rider Seat) boasts a five-section, 127-foot boom and two-piece 55-foot jib for a maximum tip height of 192 feet. The boom retains the Stinger signature keel shape for added strength and natural self-centering and now offers the choice of an internal or externally wired anti-two-block (ATB) cable. The crane has out and down outriggers with three-position charts and a maximum span of 25.5 feet to the outside of the pads. Additional features on this crane are: an enclosed operator’s cab with electric over hydraulic controls, outrigger controls, electronic rated capacity indicator with integrated work area definition, and optional air conditioning. All Load King crane designs come standard with rotation-resistant rope and a swivel ball.  The 35-127RS sister to this crane does not need a pusher axle, nor the swinging counterweight and may be mounted on a shorter wheelbase truck for better maneuverability.

Stinger 80-160

The flagship of Load King’s boom truck line is the 80-ton (rated at 10-feet), 160-foot, six-section, full-power boom mounted on a Tandem/Tridem Kenworth truck. Capable of highway speeds and setting up in only ten minutes at the jobsite, this is the ultimate taxi-crane.  The two-piece bi-fold offsetable swing-away jib provides even more versatility when a high boom angle is needed in combination with radius. Maximum tip height with the jib at zero offset is 228 feet.  A new yoke-style steel man basket is available as an option for this crane. The intuitive control system has been designed by Load King to provide maximum flexibility to the operator by providing the capability to adjust function speeds and the sensitivity of the hydraulic brake on the fly. The crane can be equipped with a dolly for special road situations.


For decades Load King has been producing first-class heavy equipment. Cutting-edge innovation and engineering excellence make us the market leader. Load King is a vital part of the Custom Truck One Source family of brands, offering standard and custom trailers, vocational equipment, and a full line of boom trucks and truck cranes. For more information, please visit Load King’s website: www.loadkingmfg.com.


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